My name is Sjoerd Geerts (1991), and I graduated from the Spatial Design department at the art academy in Breda, The Netherlands in 2017. As a multidisciplinary designer I encourage the interaction between people, their surrounding space, and the objects within. Through close collaborations I create value and quality in my work that transcends individual thinking.

Design by definition is something you should be able to relate to and interact with. Abstract concepts and an autonomous way of working characterize my studio, but always with the intention of landing in the here and now. In my studio I create interactive experiences in the form of installations, or unique objects for both private and public spaces. My work arises from thorough research, and is shaped by a fluid, multidimensional way of thinking.

I create self-initiated projects but also love to collaborate or work on assignments. These different ways of working enrich each other and create new perspectives for clients, but also broadens the perspective of my Studio.