Living Space DDW 2020

Living Space exhibition DDW2020

In 2020 art and design collective Oost-C presented itself in the large theater of Carte Blanche on Sectie-C during DDW. A larger than life exhibition where design and art meet. Where disciplines blur and separate elements come together in one ‘gesamtkunstwerk’.

The exhibition was curated by Studio Speciaal, a former collaboration between Bram Verbeek and Sjoerd Geerts. The exhibition featured work by artists Gijs van Bon, Frits Achten, and Studio Speciaal.

Year: 2020
Photography: Lisa Klappe, Bram Verbeek
Location: Carte Blanche, Sectie-C
Event: Dutch Design Week

Publications and mentions
Interior Design Magazine
Elle Decor Italia
Isola Design
Dutch Design Daily

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